Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Adventure Begins

So we thought it would be fun to try and interview for a job to Australia.  Steve had been doing consulting for a few months so we thought he might be able to get it but went on about our business of closing down our bookstore.  Little did we know that ours lives were about to change!

Steve had three interviews in quick succession. They were all through Skype so he would dress up nice and interview on our living room couch.  With other big job interviews I was nervous and hoping it wouldn't happen but this one just felt right. But I ignored it anyway.

The kids were excited.  Andy started telling everyone at school that we were closing the bookstore and moving to Australia.   While not connected, both were true!  I started to warn family and friends that it was a possibility while silently hoping that we could just stay here.  But as things progressed we started finding everything just dropping right into place. If I needed something to happen, it did.  And I was amazed by the blessings!!

As we have been packing and getting ready to go, Steve has mentioned several times that we need to blog all of this.  How everything is going, what we've doing and most of all, how we've done it with 6 kids in tow!!  The first nine days after we got the visa and before we leave will be short and sweet but I'll explain more as we go along. I hope you enjoy!!  If not, its a good journal anyway. :)

Day 1:
Here's a tip.  While standing in Walmart with your two oldest sons, its not okay to scream and panic when finding out a visa that was supposed to take three weeks to get approved only took six days.   Luckily I controlled myself until I got home.

Once I got home and found out that they wanted us there in 11 days, I DID panic and scream.  I believe I even went into fetal position when I locked myself in my room.  Probably NOT the best way to start our adventures - and keep our kids calm as we went!

Day 2:
Packing overhaul begins.  Its amazing how much garbage you can get out of a 10X10 bedroom/office.  But it sure felt good.  Panic hits harder when realizing that the 8th is a Tuesday and NOT a Thursday like I thought. I lost two days!!

Day 3:
Sister has to pound it into my head that we ARE leaving,  it IS happening and I should probably pack a little faster.  It helped. But even on Day 9 it still hasn't hit completely...

Day 4:
Our kids start doing play time overtime making sure they can play with their friends as much as possible before they leave.

I think I'm off on the days.  Maybe I had 14 days instead of 11. But I didn't realize until Day 11 that I had eleven days left.

Day 5:
I break down when realizing I had just taught my last Sharing Time lesson.  I'll go from teaching in the largest primary in the church to possibly having my kids BE the primary.  I'm hoping we'll be able to find a neighborhood with lots of kids but we'll see!!

Day 6:
The kids have their last early out day. Can I just say YAY!!!  I despise early out days.  Packing hits more vigorously.  Pack, pack, pack, feed the kids, deliver a pickup load of boxes to my sister's attic. Then start  again.  Take a load of garbage to the dump, come back and keep on packing.

We did get to stop and have a very enjoyable dinner with friends and family for the baby's 1st birthday. It was a lot of fun - except realizing it was probably one of the last times we'd get to do just that!

Day 7 can wait because its time for bed.  I'll continue tomorrow!


  1. I am so excited for you! (And a LOT sad too ;) ). I hope you have a wonderful time in Fiji, and Australia, and make sure to take LOTS of pictures! We will miss you all!

  2. I found you! And it's time to post again! =o) I like the day-by-day thing. Good luck and I can't wait to hear more.