Thursday, March 24, 2011

More House Hunting

Today I decided to be brave and head out with the kids with no Steve.  We got everyone ready and we headed out to the bus station. And waited. I checked the bus schedule and we waited some more.  And then some more.  Ten minutes later we finally decided to go back home to have lunch because by that time we'd missed the house viewing. As I sat down to email Steve to let him know we weren't going to check out the house, I finally heard the bus... 15 minutes after it was supposed to be there! I think they've been warned that there are 6 kids at that stop...

Two hours later we got everyone ready and tried again.  We were heading to the bus, happy that we would be early - only to find the bus almost to the stop.  So the kids ran ahead of me, flagging down the bus as I dragged the stroller and Ethan behind me.  We were almost there when a man pointed out that Ethan's shoe was about 30 feet behind me.  He ran for it to help me out and Jakob ran to get the shoe from him so we could get on the bus.  The driver said "You have your hands quite full Miss".  Yeah, thanks.   We survived though!  We made it to the Woden bus station.

After finding a restroom for a dancing Gavin, we went to look for Steve so we could move on to the house we were going to look at.  The kids saw him first and started jumping up and down cheering.  We met up and then Steve had to take my bus card to see if he could get more money put on it.   As he was leaving I'm pretty sure Heidi said "Bye Dada." It was so cute!

Sadly Steve couldn't get my card recharged so I paid my fare and we headed toward Isaacs.  Thanks to a wonderful lady that happened to notice we weren't from around there,  we found out that the bus stop we were coming up on was the one we were supposed to get off at. We thought we had another 10 minutes!! It was a beautiful neighborhood with very nice houses all around us.

That house was AWESOME.  It had two problems though. One was that someone else got to it first. And they do first come first serve. And the other is that its only for a 3 month lease.  It was fully furnished and had a good sized everything. Jakob was sad that he found two large spiders (But nothing like in the other two houses) but they all begged for us to stay.  IF the family leasing the house don't end up liking the people before us and if we don't find something else, we may take it. That way we have a little longer to find something that will work for us.   It was the first house I walked away from that I was sad we didn't get.

The good news is that the agent is going to help us look for a house!  Hopefully she can help us get into some of the houses that we're having a hard time getting an inspection for.

Steve enjoyed his work again. The kids had fun playing again after we cleaned up.   And then I tried Australian potatoes for the first time. Most of you will not think anything of this.  But to me it was a big deal. Having grown up on a potato farm in Idaho, I'm very VERY particular about my potatoes.  Meaning they have to be Russets from Idaho - especially from my dad - or they're just not the same.   But I must admit these were good.  Creamy and delicious but they lacked the Russet flavor.  I was happy and homesick at the same time.  I need an Idaho potato!!!  Andy was almost in big trouble because it sounded like he said they were a lot better than Grandpas.  Fortunately for him he said they're NOT better than Grandpa's.  That, or he knew he better amend what he'd just said. :)  So I shall enjoy Australian potatoes but I look forward to eating my Idaho spuds again in the future!

So tomorrow brings house hunting.  I think tomorrow there's only one house.  Saturday there are several that all look very nice. Monday has a few also. We'll just keep on swimming and find a house.  Now its bedtime!  Hopefully I'll be able to get pictures posted soon!

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  1. I hope you can find a permanant house soon so you can know which school to put the kids in. Good luck again today!

    Sorry about the potatoes. You should try some recipes for pan-fried potatoes! I keep trying it with Idaho potatoes but they fall apart because they're not waxy enough and I can't convince myself to buy some. =o) So maybe you can try some fun new ways. I'll think of you when I eat my potatoes tonight!