Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ahhhhhh . . . BOOKS

Yesterday, instead of finding more TimTams like I REALLY wanted to, we decided to try and make it to the second house for the day. I'd had my eye on it for a while and had had to wait for an inspection.

As we rushed out to the bus stop to catch the bus it started sprinkling.  Where was the rain when we were burning up earlier that day?! We had a few clouds that the kids cheered for as we walked but no rain.  After managing to get a screaming Ethan to the bus stop (thanks to a wonderful brother that put the wrong sandals on his feet), we sat down and waited very patiently for the bus. Ok, not really. It was more of a "Ethan, get back here", "GAVIN put that stick down!", "Andy, get away from the road!" type of wait. Plus, we had the shrieking and yelling as the lightning and thunder got brighter and louder.

A very nice man, enjoying his beer on the way home from work, stopped to ask how long we had to wait. When I told him it'd be about 10 minutes he stopped the bus (they were going somewhere else than where we needed to go) that came along and asked if they could at least get us to a stop that had a roof.  So, on the bus we hopped for a couple of blocks and got off to sit in a bus stop with a roof.   And what a nice place it was too. It was right outside a wine and liquor store so there were cans and bottles all over it. Luckily my kids didn't go near them.   We started up the "Ethan, get back here", "GAVIN put that stick down!", "Andy, get away from the road!, "Ashley and Gavin stop flapping your arms and twirling around you're going to run into someone" and on and on. The nice man with the beer that got us on the bus came by to make sure we were good under the stop and I thanked him.

The kids played a loud version of I Spy on the bus on our way to the bus station where we'd switch buses.  Other passengers enjoyed listening to them.  At one point when Jakob spied something red, Andy yelled out "Is it that kid's shirt?!"   It was a kid behind me (Andy and Jakob's seats were facing me and I was facing forward) and apparently he heard.  He made a big deal about it being his shirt. Jakob and Andy were mortified and burst into a fit of giggles. Their faces were bright red and wouldn't say anything until we got off the bus.  I never did find out what was red that Jakob was talking about now that I think about it... I was just informed it was a chair.

By the time we got to the station it was too late to get to the house so Steve and I agreed to meet and look at phones (as mine is LAME).  As I walked with the kids over to the Big W store I stopped short and took a big sniff.  Could you guess what I smelled? Look at the title of this blog again.  Yes, that's right, books. I smelled BOOKS.  What a happy smell. I could just imagine all the wonderful books I could find in there.

Steve and I met up after I dragged myself away from the bookshop. I told him I had found a bookshop I wanted to go into. He told me we could go there or go look at a phone we couldn't afford to get yet.  Hmmmm...... tough choice! So off we went to the bookshop to see what we could find.  We had 10 minutes to spare before the store closed.

I grilled the store clerk on books I really wanted while my kids went to find books for themselves.  Then I wandered the aisles as I drooled. Ok, I didn't really, but I did in my mind. Steve found Terry Pratchett and grabbed one of those ($20 for a paperback). I found Mary Higgins Clark that I was so sweet to buy so I could read it and then send to my Grandma who shares my love for Mary Higgins Clark books.   The kids found activity books and we were out of there - $80 later. Yikes. But I was happy because YAY I have books to read!

We headed over to the Big W to get what we needed for the house and I stopped short by the book section yet again.  There we got two Ranger's Apprentice books, a Beast Quest book and some flash cards for the kids. Maybe I should stay away from those sections for a while...  Although Jakob finished the Beast Quest book in about 3 hours so I think we need the next one.  Right????

Today has been a very nice, quiet day full of book reading, flash card memorizing (Gavin is flat out amazing with his by the way. He could look at a card of 7-10 objects on it and tell me how many there were without counting!), and paper doll playing.   What a happy, happy day. :)


  1. Drooling over books. Hehe. Have I ever mentioned that I don't like the smell of books? When they're new they smell like glue and when they're old they smell like mold. WOW, I just made a rhyme! Without even trying! Anyway I'm very happy that you found something to please everyone. Good luck with the house hunt today!

  2. Sleaziest bus stop I've ever seen is right in front of an adult store on a main road. The front window ever has mannequins. Classy huh?!

  3. I believe I know which bus stop you're talking about now!! That or there is more than one...