Sunday, March 13, 2011

And Onward We Go.

 Wow, I got way behind. Time to catch up!

In the midst of everything else I gained a new baby nephew and my little one decided to have a birthday.  Most of Heidi's birthday was spent packing, packing, and more packing.  That night we decided to stop and we let her eat her cake. It was AWESOME.  She had cake everywhere. Once I figure out what camera the pictures are on, I'll post them on our other blog.

Day 8 - Steve took Heidi to her doctors appointment while I kept on packing and cleaning out the garage. It was nice to finally have that cleaned out. Although the rest got done the night before we left. It was a mess!

The rest of the week pretty much went the same way. Pack, dump, load the pickup and deliver everything. We did add a trip to the pharmacy for a double ear infection for Heidi. Poor girl! I got home past midnight Friday night and tried to do some work but fell asleep in the midst of typing in books to send to Amazon from the bookstore.  Oh, did I mention we were still finishing closing that up?!

Day 9 - Among taking kids to basketball games and birthday parties, we had many awesome neighbors come and help pack everything up. We got a LOT done and I appreciated the help.  We had friends from Pleasant Grove come and stay until 9:30 to get it done!!

You'd think Sunday would be our day of rest, right? Nope!  We made a day trip to St. George to visit with Steve's family. I'm so glad we got that opportunity!  We enjoyed the visit and got to do a few of the things we do everytime we go.  The kids were thrilled to see their grandparents and cousins before heading out. I'm just sad we didn't get to spend a little more time there.

Monday was the last BIG DAY.  We still had the kitchen, living room, and little things here and there to do. By that time we had no more furniture so kids were on the floor sleeping and so were we!! Steve was a nice daddy and gave the inflatable mattress so the kids.  I was the mean mommy and stole it the next night for us. :)  The kids were so exhausted they didn't care WHERE they slept.

To add to the insanity of Monday, it decided to dump snow.  By the time we got done Monday night (Which was past midnight) there were a few inches on the ground.  Steve called and asked for help with cars so we could move the last of the stuff to the dump, DI, and my sisters' houses.  And we were well taken care of. We had many people show up and got everything taken care of very quickly.  We still had small stuff to do so it was late when we got done. But again, I appreciated all the help I got. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone.  My poor little ones sobbed just a little harder with each person we had to stay goodbye to!

Our good friends were very sweet and offered their home for us to sleep in that night. My kids were THRILLED to stay there because they had been begging to have a sleepover there sometime. So we stuffed 4 adults and 11 kids into one house.  We had pancakes before going to Ken Garff to sell our car, to the bank,  to finish stuff off at our house, to our bookstore to finish a few things there and then took a few things to Jakob's best friend's house.  And THEN it was time to head to the airport.  Which we left for a little late. Just a tad though... We had just under an hour to get 8 people, 26 bags of luggage (13 of those were checked) and 2 carseats through the airport. Oh, and both of those carseats were occupied by sleeping children...  Regardless of that, everything went MUCH smoother than we expected and we were on the plane and on our way.

6 kids may mean more little ones to usher along but 6 kids also means that many more hands to help carry the luggage from place to place.

The flight went great. We were really worried about Ethan not liking the flight and about Heidi's poor ears not doing well but both were awesome.  It was an hour flight and I was up about 10 rows from Steve and the rest of the kids. I had a lady offer to let me trade seats but by that time I was wiped out and was just happy to be sitting.  Heidi was a little antsy but otherwise did great. She did NOT like the descent though. Poor baby!!

We then had 4 hours to spend in LAX until our flight.  That was not much fun although I have fun pictures of Heidi walking up and down the hallways talking to herself.  We ate dinner and then hung out on the benches. Although, it was more me wishing the kids were sitting quietly on the chairs so I could rest, but that didn't happen. They loved the escalator runway thing and wanted to go on it over and over and over and over and over and over.  Heidi wouldn't sit still. They fought over the DS's  and they asked every 5 minutes (or less) when we were going to be leaving.   Thankfully they allowed those with children and infants to go first onto the plane. I got to sit right by a spot where they allowed a bassinet for Heidi.  She was out before we even took off!!  Ethan and Ashley were out shortly after.  Everyone got great sleep except Gavin and I.  Gavin, because the poor boy had a fever and was miserable.  And me because I was worried about him and I couldn't get comfy.  I finally gave him some motrin and he slept well after that.

At 3 AM they woke everyone up and fed us breakfast. Ashley wasn't happy to find out that she'd missed dinner the night before (chicken and rice that was EXCELLENT) but enjoyed her breakfast anyway. Steve filled out all the customs forms and then it was time to land.  He had a sucker in his backpack and gave it to Heidi. She did AWESOME for that landing.

And now its time to end. Next up - our vacation in Fiji!!

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  1. Have I mentioned that you're crazy?!?!? =o) But you're doing awesome and I love hearing all the details. I hope you keep it up, just a little at a time, because I have a feeling the adventures will keep coming! I'm so happy you're there and getting somewhat settled. Love you!