Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Case of the Growing Pants

I have this issue.  Its called, suddenly my pants don't fit. Now, don't get me wrong.  They don't fit because they're mysteriously growing.  They fit just fine when I got on the plane to come here.  They were actually a little snug.  Then Fiji and the humidity hit and that helped.  The walking around with a 20 pound baby everywhere did a little too. Although I think my right arm muscle is twice the size of my left arm muscle...

Then we got to Canberra.   Buses are all fine and dandy but they only go to certain places.  Our first and best purchase that got was a double stroller.  Seriously the best $65 we've ever spent. Yes, that's $65 for a double umbrella stroller.  So I went from carrying 20 pounds of baby (that I'm pretty positive went to 50 pounds when she fell asleep ) to pushing 70 pounds worth of 2 children while the others ran around me.  Although I woke up Sunday after the first time taking out the stroller, wondering why I had a bruise on the palm of my hand... then I started pushing the stroller and figured out why!

Each walking trip has averaged 30-40 minutes. We've been lucky twice with a 5-10 minute walk.  We've had amazing neighbors that drove us to a few other houses.  But the walk I've done three times now was 40 minutes each way. Twice I've done it with no Steve. And, of course, last night I said "Hey Steve, why don't I show you the house tonight since you can't go tomorrow?"   I think insanity MIGHT be setting in...

So how do I celebrate today's big walking adventure?  First I took the kids to the park that we walk past on our way home from the big long walk.  They were THRILLED. I wish I'd gotten pictures. There are all sorts of spinny rides to go on that would surely be banned in America. My kids loved them and are still talking about the ones they'll go on when we go again.

Second? I looked at more houses and found another one to look at in a few hours. Wait, that was third. Second was actually letting the kids have ice cream while I downed three gallons of water from the sink.

This is not all bad.  I'm enjoying the walking. Except for the whole walking in pouring rain that I mentioned a couple of blogs ago.  However, it was better than the sun we got today.

This is getting me out to see the sights.  I'm becoming familiar with the area and falling in love with the green everywhere. And enjoying it while I can. Apparently Canberra isn't always this green.  And the biggest thing is its letting me walk off the amazing food I've had since coming here.

We'll skip the vegemite. I'm sure there's a great way for eating it. I tried it once and I'm not looking forward to trying it again.

Meat pies. We had one of those in the airport and I fell in love.  They are scrumptious!!  The kids like them as much as I do.  Heidi screams and holds her hands out until I give her pieces of mine.   She's addicted.

TimTams.  Chocolate lovers UNITE.  These things are AMAZING.  My kids devour them but I think I devour twice as many in the same amount of time....  Then there are all the other treats just like them. I'm in chocolatey wafery heaven.  If I had a way to send them home I totally would just so everyone could try them!

Sausages of all shapes and sizes.  We've tried lamb, pork, beef and have enjoyed them all. There was a hot doggy kind of sausage that I made last week that the kids loved and I could live without.  They were okay but not fantastic. We'll be trying more pork ones tonight. YUMMY.

I could keep going but its just making me hungry and we're talking about my pants growing and not shrinking... right?    The first week I was here I ate and ate and did no exercise.   Which is another reason I'm very thankful for having no car and for the fact that buses don't always go where I want them to.  I have HAD to exercise. And there's no better motivator than necessity. Or something like that.  Now... where are those Timtams?


  1. Awesome! Keep walking even after you get in your house. =o) It sounds like it's good for everyone. Aside from the bruises and insanity of course.

    I want to try all those foods! I'm happy that you and Steve get to experience them - I know you truly appreciate exotic foods. Sounds like I need to come visit. Hmm maybe I can win a free vacation to Australia?

  2. I didn't care for Vegemite either! That's awesome that "your pants are growing!"