Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hi Honey, we're here!!!

  And all in one room - our choice.  The one room is huge and we'll end up in this building on Easter anyway.  SO we canceled the other one and they let us take all the bedding from that one into this one! So right now Steve is setting up beds on the tile floor...its for 4 days so they're all fine. Plus its bigger than Steve's parents house so we're all happy.  Its cute because there's a porch (with a very high wall so I'm happy) and Jakob told me that Steve and I can go out there for our anniversary dinner. :)

The flight was good.  It took FOREVER to check all the bags and it ended up costing $1300. Which is insane considering it was $300 from the US to Sydney...  The airline lady said it would have been MUCH cheaper to send it freight. Oh well.  THe kids did well - except Heidi who liked to shriek - alot.  Ethan had a REALLY hard time on the descent.  He made me sad because he said "we flying home!" and wasn't thrilled when we got here.  Of course he was also asleep and NOT happy that we woke him up.  There was a very sweet lady that helped take some luggage so we could usher/push Ethan off the plane.  His screaming went on in the airport until I finally said "Bye Ethan!" and started walking off.  He promptly stopped, hopped up and came after us.

We didn't go to Costco the first day like we'd wanted to. :)  We did walk about 1/2 a mile to get to the grocery store and then stumbled home with about 10 bags of groceries. We need to stop moving. We keep giving away all our food. This time at least we can take it all with us... we hope.  Oh and the groceries were mostly carried by our stroller handles - which wasn't thrilled and kept trying to buck them off and we walked along.   Apparently we live near a China Town place because there were tons of stores we couldn't read. :)

Heidi is doing MUCH better.  She's running wildly through the apartment and shrieking when she's especially excited. Silly girl. 

Melbourne is beautiful.  Its got a lot of European-esque buildings.  Its very green.  Tomorrow we'll try a train and try to find Costco. I'm hoping we can find the temple and be able to look at some houses too. I want a real house asap!

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